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Our scrunchies that we carry are hand made by Create Good Co. These scrunchies have character and a story behind them. These aren't just another hair accessory you can pick-up at the local store. They offer something special that just can not be bought anywhere. Functional, cute, and "green". What else can you ask for from a hair accessory. Limited quantities available. 

Scrunchies are not the only handmade accessory that we offer. Our wristlet keychains are the perfect accessory for your keys. They are not only functional, but stylish too. These keychains are handmade from gently used materials found in thrift stores and vintage shops. They are hand made by Create Good Company out of Colorado. The uniqueness in how they are made is what we love most. 

Our totes are heat pressed using our very own screen print transfers and direct to film transfers. They are the perfect size and great alternative to using a plastic bag. The functional aspect and low cost makes them a perfect option. Go green and be cute while doing it.