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My Favorite People Screen Print Transfer

My Favorite People Screen Print Transfer

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My Favorite People Call Me Mama

Screen Print Transfer

My Favorite People Screen Print Transfer is packed with high-quality features sure to make your heat-pressing dreams come true! With a smooth-peel finish, it's hands-down the must-have for anyone committed to creating personalized, professional-looking projects. Get ready for show-stopping results! 🤩

Transfer Dimensions: 10.0 inches wide by 10 inches tall

Color: Black

What fabric can I use this on?

100% cotton
100% polyester

Pressing Instructions

Screen Print Transfer
Temp: 325°F
Pressure: Heavy (30-40 psi)
Time: 7 seconds
Peel: Hot
*No Teflon sheets, covers, or pillows
*Do not need to repress


Some variation may occur between transfers to include: color and size. Pressing instructions are a guide. All heat presses are different and may require different pressure, temperature, or time.


Returns and exchanges are not accepted on this item. All sales are final.

Customer Service

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

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