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Each scrunchie is made of high quality scrap material in this up-cycled scrunchie collection. Every one is unique and will make the perfect addition to your hair accessories at home.

How I was made

Made in the USA. Handmade and eco-friendly. Crafter from high quality scrap material just like the wristlet keychains.

Fit and fabric

Scrunchie is a standard size and estimated to make 2-3 loops around hair depending on hair thickness.

Fabric feel is comparable to a cotton button up dress shirt. Smooth and comfortable texture.


Images and color swatches are only representative and are not exact matches. Some variation may occur between each item. Colors may vary slightly from image in person.


Returns and Exchanges for Accessories

Returns and Exchanges and not accepted on accessory items.

Pleas email us at immediately if you have any issues or concerns regarding the accessory being damaged or broken.

Customer Service

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

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